Condensate Remediation

GOWS Series Oil Water Separators

GH Series air filters remove conaminates from compressed air after compression has taken place.
  • Clever & Efficient Housing Design
  • Differential Pressure Switch, allowing for remote monitoring of filter performance
  • Side Port Condensate Drain
  • 300 PSIG Maximum Pressure
  • 248°F Maximum Temperature
  • Aluminum Housing

ZLD Condensate Drains - Zero Loss Electronic Float

The ZLD Series is a pressure swing adsorption (PSA) regenerative air dryer with a full 10 minute NEMA cycle. It delivers a reliable -40° pressure dewpoint and features a compact and efficient design, which includes wall mount capabilities. The series is ideally suited for point of use, or instrumentation applications.
  • NEMA 12 Electrical
  • US Manufactured Activated Alumina Molecular Sieve and activated alumina blend
  • OSHA Approved Mufflers
  • 2-Year Equipment Warranty

About Great Lakes Air

Great Lakes Air is a manufacturer of premium quality compressed air treatment and gas separation systems. Our products are known industry wide for their solid engineering and unmatched reliability. The quality of our products is affirmed by one of the industries longest standard warranties.

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