Compressed Air Dryer


EDR High Temperature Refrigerated Air Dryers

The EDR Series air dryer takes hot saturated compressed air into an air cooled heat exchanger, which cools the air and a gross water separator removes the condensed liquid.

  • 39° Pressure Dew points deliver 33% less moisture
  • Smart Design solenoid drain
  • Automatic & thermostatic expansion valves
  • Built in air cooled aftercooler
  • Refrigerant suction accumulator
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GTX Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryers

The GTX cycling refrigerated air dryer uses a fully loaded refrigeration system to store energy in the TRANS-TEMP energy cell during low load periods.

  • Cost-saving cycling system
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • GTX series uses only non-ozone depleting Hydro-fluorocarbons approved by the EPA and Montreal protocol.
  • Designed for ultra-low pressure drops
  • Adjustable dew point
  • Stainless steel thermostatic expansion valve with interchangeable orifices.
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ERF Refrigerated Air Dryers

The ERF Series air dryer takes hot, saturated compressed air into an air cooled heat exchanger, cooling the air and using a gross water separator to remove the condensed liquid. The ERF series is designed for ultra-low pressure drops that range from 1.2 to 3.2 PSID.

  • 5-Year Product Warranty
  • Designed for Low Pressure Drops
  • Stainless steel thermostatic expansion valve
  • Electronic timed solenoid drains
  • Equipped with full service refrigeration valves
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About Great Lakes Air

Great Lakes Air is a manufacturer of premium quality compressed air treatment and gas separation systems. Our products are known industry wide for their solid engineering and unmatched reliability. The quality of our products is affirmed by one of the industries longest standard warranties.

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