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Great Lakes Air Implements Inventory Warehousing
After completing the 3rd manufacturing expansion in 5 years we are proud to announce we will begin stocking refrigerated air dryers at our Michigan production facility. Our goal is to maintain an inventory level of five standard units from
10 to 300 SCFM.
In addition to the new factory inventory, we have also substantially increased our stocking levels at the following warehouses:

Los Angeles, CA
Dallas, TX
Clearwater, FL

We hope this inventory availability will help Great Lakes Air and our distributors continue to expand market share.

New Publications
Great Lakes Air announces the release of new Filtration & GRF Series Technical sales brochures
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Adjustable Digital Temperature Control; This feature allows the user to adjust the temperature of the Trans-Temp Energy Cell effecting dryer dewpoint. The controller has a bright LED display , alarm text messaging, and a display that will read in °F or °C.
Refrigerated Liquid Isolation System; This system isolates accumulated refrigerant liquid, and keeps it from returning to the compressor, causing washout, and premature compressor failure.

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